Comprehensive Services for Air-Cooled Porsche Engines


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are temporarily unable to work
on Heads, Cam Towers, Rods and Rockers.
We will update this website as soon as we can resume these services.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Please do not pack or ship in Styrofoam
  • Do not send “thru bolts”
  • All orders are shipped back after payment is received.
  • We accept cash, quick pay/zelle, check and credit cards  (Additional fees may apply)
Align Bore Mains
911 - 930 1st over or .010450.00
356 - 912 1st over or .010350.00
Thrust Cut 4 Cylinder295.00
Inspection of Case95.00
Check Align Bore95.00
Deck Cylinder Surface
(head studs must be removed)
911 - 930180.00
356 - 912150.00
Remove Head Studs80.00 min.
Surface Case Halves Bore Back to Std.
911 2.0 – 2.7950.00
930 – 964975.00
356 - 912800.00
Weld 356 - 9122000.00
Bore Case for Larger Cylinder
(head studs must be removed)
911 - 930350.00
930 for 3.8 Ltr with “O Ring”850.00
930 - 993 “O” Rings450.00
Cylinder Head Stud Inserts (+ Inserts)
Remove broken head studs80.00 ea.
Remove head studs80.00 min.
Remove time-serts or heli coils80.00 min.
911 Mag. Case490.00
Aluminum Case525.00
Spot Face Thru Bolt Holes160.00
Oil System
911 - 930 R&R Oil Plugs And Clean Oil Galleys325.00
912 Timing Cover for Full Flow Oil Filter145.00
912 Oil Pump Cover for Full Flow Oil Filter145.00
911 Oil By-Pass Modification, includes update kit200.00
356 - 912 Repair Crack at Oil Cooler600.00
Clear 911 Case for Larger Oil Pump125.00
912 R&R Oil Plugs250.00
Bypass Kit only65.00
Shuffle Pins
911 – 930600.00
OIL SQUIRTERS (with squirters)
356 - 912400.00
Clean Squirters75.00
Squirters30.00 ea.
Pressure Test & Clean Oil Coolers
911 – 930140.00
356 – 912140.00
Hot Tank Case
For machining only – all cases40.00
Extra Cleaning75.00
Windage Relief
Boat Tail Mains500.00
Moon Cut Cylinders225.00
Knife Edge Crank Shaft375.00
Polish Main Webbing:
Mag Case600.00
Aluminum Case900.00
Race Prep Work
Shuffle Pin600.00
Boat Tail Mains500.00
Moon Cyl. Bottoms225.00
Knife Edge Crankshaft375.00
Lighten Counter Shaft425.00
Lighten Flywheel (RSR)250.00
Polish Main Webbing:
Mag. Case600.00
Aluminum Case900.00
Convert Early Aluminum Case to 2.7
Bore for 2.7 Cylinders350.00
Install Fuel Injection Bracket325.00
Update to Late Chain Housings280.00
Bore Case for Late Distributor350.00
Machine Late Dist. To Fit Early Case200.00
Modify Case for 2.7 Inter. Shaft550.00
Oil Bypass Modification with Kit200.00
Oil Squirters with Squirters550.00
Clear Case for Larger Oil Pump135.00
Shuffle Pin600.00
Boat Tail Mains500.00
Bore Early Mag Case for Shaft Brg.275.00
Sleeve Cylinders
Sleeve Case (Full Sleeve)2500.00
Sleeve Case (Half Sleeve)1500.00
Sleeve Cylinder #3500.00
911 Crankshaft Work
Grind Rods & Mains335.00
Grind Rods OR Mains235.00
Magna Flux60.00
Heat Treat (Tuftrite)300.00
Dowell Pulley to Crank130.00
Weld & Grind Thrust250.00
Pre-Grind and Weld 1 Journal300.00
R & R Oil Plugs and Clean Crank210.00
R & R Gears25.00
Knife Edge375.00
Groove and Cross Drill245.00
356 – 912 Crankshaft Work
Grind Rods & Mains285.00
Grind Rods OR Mains210.00
Magna Flux60.00
Heat Treat (Tuftrite)300.00
Pre-Grind and Weld 1 Journal300.00
R & R Oil Plugs and Clean Crank120.00
R & R Gears25.00
Notch Oil Holes60.00
Rebuild Connecting Rods (+ Bushings)
Carrillo RodsN/A
Magna FluxN/A
Offset Pin Bushings250.00 Set
Convert 22mm to 23mm150.00 Set
Convert 23mm to 22mm150.00 Set
Balance75.00 Set
Bushings9.00 ea.
Balancing 911, 930, 912, 356
Pistons75.00 Set
Pressure Plate75.00
Reface Flywheels
911 – 912 – 930 – 35695.00
Lighten Flywheels
911 – 930 RSR Style250.00
Bevel Tops30.00 ea.
Valve Pockets30.00 ea.
Hone Pin Bores15.00 ea.
Clean & Bead Blast25.00 ea.
Bore for Larger Pin270.00 Set
Machine Skirts for Crankshaft Clearance30.00 ea.
Inspect Pistons & Cylinders65.00 Set
Cylinder Work
Bore Cast Iron for Oversize Piston80.00 ea.
Hone Cast Iron (Deglaze)20.00 ea.
Hone Nikasil (Deglaze)30.00 ea.
Hone Alusil (Recondition)45.00 ea.
Machine Tops of Cylinders40.00 ea.
Machine Gasket Groove Deeper50.00 ea.
Machine Bottoms of Cylinder45.00 ea.
Moon Cylinder Bottoms252.00 Set
Bead Blast Cylinders15.00 ea.
Install Ring Gears
Includes Ring Gear (6 OR 12 VOLT)
911 – 912 – 356185.00
Precision 3 Angle Valve Job
356 - 912N/A
Grind Seats OnlyN/A
Grind Valves OnlyN/A
Intake and Exhaust Guide Labor
911 – 930 – 912 – 356N/A
Resurface Heads
911 - 930N/A
356 - 912N/A
930 Turbo Heads must have intake studs removed.
$15.00 charge to remove studs.
Not responsible for broken or damaged studs.
Bevel Heads for Piston Clearance
911 - 930N/A
912 - 356N/A
Bore Heads for Larger Cylinder
911 - 930N/A
356 - 912N/A
Clearance for 993N/A
Exhaust Stud Repair
911 - 930N/A
356 - 912N/A
Remove Broken Drill or EZ OutN/A
Weld Damaged Stud HoleN/A
23mm StudN/A
32mm StudN/A
Fly Cut Chain Housings
911 - 93075.00 PR
Seat Replacements
Oversize SeatsN/A
Valve SeatsN/A
Spark Plug Repair
Drill & Tap for Time Sert or Heli CoilN/A
Repair Cracked Plug Hole: 356 - 912N/A
Port & Polish Heads
Allow 3 Weeks Lead Time
911, 930, 964, 993N/A
912 – 356N/A
Reshape 912 – 356 ChambersN/A
911 2.0 Ltr to “S” SpecsN/A
Custom Port and Polish Your Heads to your Sample or Idea.N/A
Porting & Polishing Intake Manifolds
911 Runners (6)N/A
911 Carb ManifoldsN/A
911 Throttle BodiesN/A
930 Turbo PlenumN/A
930 Intermediate Blocks (6) PlasticN/A
930 Intermediate Blocks (6) AluminumN/A
912 Intake ManifoldsN/A
Bore & Port Magnesium StacksN/A
Weld CIS Injector Cutout Area and RemachineN/A
Drill & Tap for Mech. InjectionN/A
Twin Plug Heads
Includes Valve Covers
(at time of Head Twin Plugging)
911 – 930N/A
3.6 – 3.8 Turbo HeadsN/A
912 – 356 10mm PlugN/A
Valve Covers OnlyN/A
Rocker Arms
6 Cylinder Rocker Arm Adjusters
Must be Removed for Grinding
$25.00 Charge to Remove Adjusters
Rebush 911N/A
Regrind 993 Rocker ArmsN/A
Polish Rocker ShaftsN/A
356 – 912 Lifters and Oil Pump
Regrind 356 – 912 Lifters (8)120.00
Repair Oil Pump Drive Gear95.00
Full Flow Oil Pump Cover125.00
Cam Towers
Remove and Clean Oil TubeN/A
Clean & Hot TankN/A
Clean & Decarbonize 993N/A
Surface Valve Covers15.00 ea.
Bead Blast & Clean Valve Covers*
*Does not remove powder coating.
20.00 ea.
Surface Cam Tower Valve Cover AreaN/A
Fly Cut Chain Housings
911 – 93075.00 PR
Media Tumble and Clean Parts
356 – 912 Case with Cover includes R-R Oil Plugs, Clean Oil Galleys, Hot Tank450.00
911 – 993 Case includes R-R Oil Plugs, Clean Oil Galleys and Squirters, Hot Tank600.00
Cam Towers includes Cleaning Oil Spray BarN/A
Chain Boxes25.00 PR
Chain Box Covers15.00 PR
Valve Covers (does not remove paint or powder coating)15.00 ea.
Fan Housing25.00
356 – 912 Intake Manifolds25.00 PR
356 – 912 Generator Stand15.00
911 Heads15.00 ea.
356 – 912 Heads25.00 ea.